Attention prospective grad students: Interested in organic farming? Choose wisely.

July 28, 2003: A growing demand for organic goods does not mean growing opportunities for interested graduate students according to a recent article in The Guardian. While organic products are predicted to account for 10% of European food production by 2010, post graduate studies in organic agriculture are still limited with only three university offering degree options.

But while future organic experts may not have the campus selections of conventional ag students, a quality education in the art of chemical-free farming can be found.The Royal Agricultural College offers an extensive program that includes not only a through look at how organic farming works but also classes in sustainability concepts, organic production systems and interpreting consumer demand. Want something less intensive then for a full MSc, Aberystwyth's Institute of Rural Affairs offers a postgrad certificate in organic business management or a very interesting two semester postgraduate diploma in organic agriculture. For more information on post-graduate opportunities in organic farming read Miles Brignall's July 5, 2003 article in The Guardian.,12848,991806,00.html