Local, organic not important in food, Norwegians say

June 14, 2004, as reported by just-food.com: Norwegians are slow to accept organic food according to a new survey from the Market and Media Institute. Negative attitudes prevail despite long-term government campaigns designed to publicize the various benefits of organic food and domestic produce.

The MMI survey found that only 44% of Norwegians were concerned about a healthy diet, 22% thought it was very important that produce came from Norway, and a scant 13% were willing to pay more for organic fruits or vegetables. These results indicate a reversal in historic thinking. Until 2001 Norwegians reported an increasing concern over health and food safety, reported the Nationen newspaper.

Programs to revive and promote traditional Norwegian food also seem to have missed their mark so far, with only 50% expressing affection for local products, a number stable since 1997.

A trend analyst questioned by the newspaper blamed poor information campaigns that failed to convince "trendsetters".