EU: Monsanto's GM canola fails to move scientific panel
Roundup Ready canola must take its case to the ministers

June 17, 2004, as reported by Monsanto’s Roundup Ready canola suffers the fate of a hung jury as it was unable to secure a majority of a scientific panel needed for its approval. The genetically modified will now have to go before the EU ministers in its quest to be approved for import and sale in the EU.

The denial comes despite the recent lifting by the EU of its unofficial six-year moratorium on approving new genetically modified organisms

The experts could not secure a majority either for or against the approval of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready canola, engineered to withstand the company’s weedkiller, reported the Associated Press.

Last month the EU approved a variety of genetically modified sweetcorn made by Swiss biotech giant Syngenta. The maize was approved for import and sale in the EU, but not for cultivation.

As with Syngenta’s Bt-11 maize, Monsanto’s canola will now go before EU ministers, who will have three months to reach a decision on approval. If they too remain deadlocked, the decision will be passed to the European Commission.

"We're disappointed that the EU member states failed to reach a decision despite the fact that the European food safety authority has already issued a positive opinion," Monsanto spokesman Bryan Hurley was quoted by AP as saying.