Norwegian grower's fountain of youth for vegetables

April 30, 2004, as reported by A Norwegian planter has invented a remarkable soil amendment and a new marketing claim for a vegetable: two years and still edible. Agromarin, an all-natural homemade blend of about 80 different vitamins and trace elements, has produced astonishing results for planter Thorbjørn Kristensen. Including carrots harvested in September 2002 that he can still eat.

According to newspaper Aftenposten, Kristensen's invention has been approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Debio, the national organic board. Agromarin is currently produced by Norsk Naturgjødsel (Norwegian Natural Fertiliser) but is still undergoing the patenting process.

Kristensen has been testing his mix since 1996 on a variety of food plants, with remarkable results. The 17-month old carrots resisted exposure to rot and fungus and still retain their smell and flavor, though they have dried out slightly.

The Agromarin carrots also have higher carbohydrate, beta-carotene, calcium and vitamin E levels than 'normal' carrots.

Kristensen admitted that he was not a professional researcher and was glad that his results were now being documented by a plant research station in Kvithamar.

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