U.S. BSE causes a rise then fall for Australian beef exports

March 8, 2004, just-food.com: Fallout from the U.S. mad cow has reached across the pacific, causing a 6% percent dip in February Australian beef exports. Total exports fell despite a 47% increase in exports to Japan, according to a report from Meat and Livestock Australia.

Australian exports to Japan have been boosted by Japan’s suspension of imports of beef from the US and Canada due to BSE concerns but the closed markets have forced U.S. beef to stay within the borders.

MLA said bans on imports of US beef had led to high supplies of domestic beef on the US market, which in turn led to a 24% decline in Australian beef exports to the US in February. Exports of chilled beef fell 60% to 713 tons compared to February 2003, reported Reuters.