Some U.S. beef allowed back into Mexico

March 4, 2004, Mexico will relax their ban on U.S. beef to begin allowing in shipments of boneless meat from animals less than 30 months old and veal from animals less than nine months old.

The Mexican government banned the importing of any U.S. beef after a case BSE was found in Washington state in December.

While U.S. beef producers welcomed the announcement from one of their main exporting partners, Mexico imported 346,520 tons of U.S. beef from January to November last year or $818 m. worth, they are still pressing for a full lift of the ban.

“We are encouraged that the government of Mexico will seek to restore limited imports of US boneless beef products. However, we believe full trade in all beef products and in live animals from the US should be restored swiftly,” said American Meat Institute president J Patrick Boyle.