Milk, it's not just for the bones, it's also for the waistline

February 20, 2004, Increasing calcium-rich dairy foods within a calorie-controlled diet may help accelerate weight loss, a new study reveals.

According to University of Tennessee Nutrition and Medicine Professor Dr. Michael Zemel new research conducted over five years suggests that dairy calcium may help to boost fat breakdown and reduce fat formation and storage.

Zemel has been discussing his research at Dairy Australia’s Nutrition Seminar Series.

Dairy Australia nutrition manager, Dr Anita Wells, said Zemel’s work was ongoing, but offered exciting possibilities. She added that the emerging research suggested that the key to losing weight and preventing weight gain could be a combination of limiting fat and calorie intake, taking regular exercise and including three servings of low-fat dairy in the daily diet.

Zemel’s research has received an independent financial grant from the National Dairy Council (USA). His appearance in Australia has been funded by Dairy Australia.