Organic company expands into conventional territory

January 20, 2005, as reported by In a sign of the times for organic products, UK organic dairy company Rachel’s Organics has launched three new multi-packs designed for on-the-go convenience. Not long ago it was enough to get organic options on the shelves. Now established companies, such as Rachel’s, are expanding, Rachel’s opened a new £3m (US$5.6m) extension, and moving to a more sophisticated marketing scheme.

Developed following market research into consumer demands, the new products are aimed at meeting the changing needs of consumers looking to combine organic healthy eating with food packaged in a convenient manner suitable for on-the-go consumption.

“We have seen a clear rise in demand for organic multi-packs over the last 12 months and have always tried to supply the market with innovative flavors and exciting concepts,” said David Stacey, trading director for Rachel’s Organic.

The new product launch includes a new range of yoghurts for toddlers called ‘Little Rachel’s Organic’ and the weight conscious Fat Free ‘Fruits of the World’ and ‘Low Fat Natural’.