Research shows machines keep weed manageable

Posted January 13, 2005: A ten year study of organic weed management has found simple agronomic and mechanical methods effective in keeping weed levels tolerable.

In the cereal fields at their pilot farm in Kishantos, Hungary, researchers needed only a single pass of a weed harrow to break up weed cycles. The maize and sunflowers needed additional hoeing to break up particularly troublesome weeds, such as Cirsium arvense, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Datura stramonium and Sorghum halepense. Mechanical methods were found ineffective on the peas.

After ten years under organic management fields showed weed levels similar to neighboring conventional fields.

Reference: Fejos, Z., Arnold, C. and Németh, I. (2003) Gyomfel vételezések a Kishantosi Ökológiai Mintagazdaság területén. Növényvédelem 39(1) 25-32.

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