EC ban lifted for most Bulgarian poultry

January 11, 2005, as reported by The European Commission is lifting its poultry ban on Bulgaria for all regions except Kardzhali. The EC instated the ban on December 23 all after an outbreak of Newcastle disease was discovered.

After receiving further information from the Bulgarian government, the EC has agreed to their request that import restrictions be regionalized.

“As there is no indication of the disease in the rest of the country, the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health agreed on a Commission proposal to limit the suspension of imports to the single district of Kardzhali,” the Commission said.

The ban on all live poultry including hatching eggs, fresh poultry meat, game meat and their products from the Karzhali region will remain in effect until the EC has decided there is no risk of the disease spreading

Newcastle disease is a contagious disease in poultry that can cause major losses in the poultry sector but has no impact on human health.