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sustainable in senegal
vine and fig tree

pan american adventures

May 12, 2005: Amaranth
February 22, 2005: Las ancianas
January 31, 2005: Organic ag in Mexico
December 9, 2004: Bird-friendly coffee
November 9, 2004: Horizontal resistance
September 28, 2004: Pulque
August 31, 2004: Growing corn 2
August 17, 2004: Growing corn 1
August 5, 2004: Agave country
July 20, 2004: The Del Cabo Co-op
June 16, 2004: Wine, olives, and nopales
May 13, 2004: But first, U.S. ag

susanna's costa rican sojourn

shumei natural agriculture

West African rice farmers explore alternatives to cheap, dangerous insecticides
Timothy J. Krupnik
September 14, 2007: Farmer-to-farmer training and on-farm research grow local adapted knowledge of biologically based integrated pest management that embraces biodiversity, careful observation and beneficial insects.

Bootstrapping the organic
market for NZ lamb

Laura Sayre
In 20 years of raising organic lamb in New Zealand's Wairarapa region, Ian and Heather Atkinson have seen—and helped shape—the market's evolution from export niche to emerging local staple.

Strategic thinking
Laura Sayre
In New Zealand, domestic demand for organics is catching up with overseas markets while supply struggles to keep pace. Now a new outreach program aims to boost production tenfold by 2013.

Yes, Africa can feed itself—through a sustainable agriculture revolution
Amadou Makhtar Diop
Building soil—not importing more inputs—will be the best way for this bio-diverse continent to improve its food security.

intern journal
Rodale Institute intern offers perspective on values, culture and priorities following Peace Corps stint in Mali.

Harvesting a sense of place from Italy's agriculture
Renee Ciulla
The life of a campanilismo farmer teaches the author a lesson in the interconnectedness of land, food and family, and the true art of sustainability.

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