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It’s been our pleasure to present NewFarm.org to you—and the world—since August 2002. We’ve delivered stories, images, news and research findings that give you a deeper feel for what’s happening and what’s possible with regenerative agriculture.

More than 100 eager readers stepped up this spring in our first-ever appeal, contributing nearly $6,000 to help us keep “Sowing Seeds” that will expand and deepen the New Agriculture across North America. It’s gratifying to know that these gifts came from 34 states, four Canadian provinces and four foreign countries. We extend our sincere thanks to those donors.

We’re asking again for your support to help us “Celebrate the Harvest” of everything good you’ve experienced this year thanks to NewFarm.org. Your dollars testify to the value you find in New Farm’s unique perspective on building sustainable agriculture with values translated from real life situations.

“The how-to articles, backed up with Rodale Institute's research and reputation, are my mainstay reading. I need to know what works, which of the innovations are feasible and sustainable, and ways to farm without large scale machinery or input costs.”

~ comment on our summer reader survey

Our goal is to prove in every issue that more people are finding ways to succeed in farming that regenerates the earth, local economies and human communities.

And how will we do that?

Here at The Rodale Institute, we’re working with the other departments to have our online “transition to organic” course ready for 2008… we’re ready to send farm manager Jeff Moyer on the road this winter with a brand-spanking-new video of the no-till roller/crimper work across the United states to promote this promising tool… we’re eager to bring you a new crop of research results on healthy soil, cover crops and compost use…and we’re gathering the best information on documenting transition costs, benefits and practices to help more people understand and support the best ways to move toward organic.

How do we pay for all this? The Rodale Institute receives a variety of income streams to carry out specific projects and programs, including this e-publication. NewFarm.org, however, has no designated outside funding for 2008 that helps us to pay our way.

Your donations really do matter. If we are a valuable resource to you, please invest in our present and future with your donations to bring in $14,000 by December 1. This—along with your generous support last spring—will allow us to meet our modest 2007 goal of $20,000.

We’ve opted to time our fund drives to coincide with planting and harvest, allowing readers with different income flows to contribute when they are most excited or most able. We’re looking for 300 more of our stalwart supporters to give at least $50 each to hit the $20,000-mark for the year, but we’re grateful for your support at any level and at any time. Of course, those of you who are really juiced up about the future of sustainable and organic farming can send lots more.

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