Heirloom Tomato Tasting
The Eat Well Guided Tour of America stops in Boalsburg, PA

Slow Food volunteer John Corr selects tomatoes for slicing and tasting. Shoppers spent a good bit of time at the tomato table, tasting and savoring, then reflecting carefully on each variety to capture the sensation in words. NewFarm.org staff organized the “heirlooms by the hour,” with serving help from volunteers from Slow Food of Central Pennsylvania. The exquisite fruits were donated by Berks County neighbors to The Rodale Institute, farmers well-known for their heirloom tomato excellence: James & Alma Weaver (Meadow View Farm of Kutztown) and Tim & Jill Stark (Eckerton Hill Farm of Hamburg).

Arkansas Traveler: “Yummy! Good tomato flavor. Nice & meaty.”

Black Prince: “OK flavor, but kind of bland.”

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