Heirloom Tomato Tasting
The Eat Well Guided Tour of America stops in Boalsburg, PA

Visitors to central Pennsylvania’s Boalsburg Farmers’ Market on September 4 were treated to an heirloom tomato tasting as part of a local food promotion blitz by six cooperating groups.

Sparking the event was the only Pennsylvania stop by the bright green bus from Sustainable Table on a national tour to promote local food and the group’s online Eat Well Guide. The Eat Well Guided Tour of America left Los Angeles in August, and ended at Farm Aid on New York City's Randall Island September 9.

Hosting the PA gathering was PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture). Attending with visual prominence was the Buy Fresh-Buy Local-mobile from FoodRoutes. Providing expertise on organic compliance was PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic).

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