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March 15, 2007: The Rodale Institute, in collaboration with The Pennsylvania State University and the US Department of Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Program, is conducting a farmer survey designed exclusively for agricultural producers as part of a biologically based weed management initiative. The collected information will be used for research purposes and will help us focus our programs to better respond to farmer needs in this area.

The Institute’s research is currently exploring:

  1. how different crop varieties differ in their tolerance to weeds
  2. how timing of planting and tillage affects weed crop competition
  3. the ability and use of cover crops and crop rotations to manage weed populations
  4. how organic management systems influence weed density and crop competition compared to that of a conventional system.

With information gathered from this survey we hope to identify farmers' weed management problems and implement improved approaches and tools. The survey is web-based and can be accessed at www.newfarm.org/surveys/weedsurvey.htm.

If you have any problems accessing the survey or any other questions, please e-mail or call:

Stacy Duh
Survey Administrator
The Rodale Institute
(610) 683-1400