TRI challenges "Today" organic report
A lab’s "freshness" test was supposed to help consumers know if organic food is worth the cost. TRI requests: Please, talk to the farmers and researchers.

Posted December 15, 2006

A leading morning TV show segment built around four samples of organic food—including one nasty chicken—gave viewers a skewed view of organic food, thinks Rosalba Messina, interim president of The Rodale Institute.

She sent an invitation this week to Janice Lieberman, the Today Show’s consumer correspondent, to visit the Institute’s farm to get a better grasp of why so many people are buying organic food.

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Messina, serving as interim president as the Institute board seeks candidates for a CEO, calls Lieberman to task for using the few samples to evaluate the overall value of organic food. If “Today” really wants to help consumers with its “Gimmick or for Real?” coverage, there’s lots more to report, Messina says.

Letter to Today’s Janice Lieberman