Resources for Organic Peanut Producers



Dr. Albert Culbreath
Professor of Plant Pathology
University of Georgia/Coastal Plain Experiment Station,
(229) 386-3156,
Specializes in peanut disease.

  Dr. Carroll Johnson
Research Agronomist
USDA/Coastal Plain Experiment Station
Researches weed management.
Dr. Marshall Lamb
Agricultural Economist
USDA National Peanut Research Laboratory
(229) 995-7417
Has launched a three-year study to explore the economic potential for organic peanuts, focusing on cost of production, yields, and product quality.
  Dr. Sharad Phatak
Professor of Horticulture
University of Georgia/Coastal Plain Experiment Station
(229) 386-3901
Conducts experiments with sustainable production systems, including crop rotation, cover crops, soil fertility, and cultural practices.



Shirley Daughtry
Heritage Farms
Guyton, Georgia, (912) 728-3708

  Emile DeFelice
Caw Caw Creek Pastured Pork
Columbia, South Carolina
(803) 917-0794
Relinda Walker
Walker Farms
Sylvania, Georgia
(912) 857-4555



Dale Hollingsworth
organic commodity buyer
Arrowhead Mills
Hereford, Texas
(806) 364-0730
A long-time producer of organic baking mixes, grains, cereals, and nut butters.

  Chuck Schmidt
director: sales and marketing for peanut butter
Sunland, Inc.
Portales, New Mexico
(505) 356-6638
Sunland, Inc. is the nation’s main processor for organic peanuts.



Dr. Mark Boudreau
Hebert Green Agroecology
Asheville, North Carolina
(828) 258-1757
Coordinates a three-year SARE grant for organic peanut development in the South.

  Georgia Organics
(404) 873-3034