Pastured poultry resources

The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
Great info and members get access to a producer-only online group.

Publications on pastured poultry, and many other appropriate technologies for rural areas.

Yahoo Pastured Poultry group

Housing ideas:

Food supplements, ration recipes, and pasture seed blends:

Pre-fab, portable “Chicken Inns” and a wide selection of hoop houses

Basic chicken and egg handling gear

Electric mesh fencing

Economical source for egg cartons:
Be aware, the two cases of egg cartons they have shipped us appear to be seconds. About 5% of the pulp cartons were unusable and only a few of the rest will make it through more than one use (a downside if your customers return boxes to you for reuse, but not so much of a concern if you don't get them back anyway). The foam ones we got have thin spots here and there, but appear to be usable (and reusable) for the most part.
H as somewhat higher prices, but lots more selection. If you want solid, reusable egg cartons you might want to spend a little more upfront. We haven't ordered from them, but other folks we've spoken to have been pleased with what they received.


There are a number of good hatcheries, the two I’ve dealt with are:

McMurray Hatchery
Day-old baby chicks (shipped nationwide) – a wide selection of heritage breeds, modern egg-laying hybrids, and meat-type hybrids.

Moyer's Chicks
Day-old baby chicks (shipped nationwide) or started pullets (for pick-up, or delivered in the Mid-Atlantic region) – one variety of broiler chicks and two varieties of hybrid brown-egg layers that are performing well on pasture. Our started pullets are coming from Moyer's Chicks: they are local for us (though they ship millions of chicks nationwide every year), we have talked to a number of pastured chicken farmers who have had great results with them over the years, the hatchery is a strong supporter of the pastured poultry movement.