Noreen Thomas receives prestigious Minnesota ag award

Noreen Thomas is honored for her work teaching children about agriculture
Noreen Thomas has been awarded the 2004 Siehl Prize for her extraordinary contribution to agriculture and alleviation of world hunger. The phrase, “Think globally, act locally,” was used to describe her efforts with agriculture and the community as a volunteer educator.

Eldon R. Siehl created the prize, and Thomas is the first woman and first organic farmer to receive it. Three prizes are awarded each year: one in agribusiness, one in research and one in production agriculture. Thomas' work with children to share her knowledge of agriculture, her work incorporating satellite technology (read about more of Noreen's satellite work) and sharing knowledge with the Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium, and her efforts to understand the benefits of organic farming for environmental quality were all cited as reasons for the award.

Thomas received a sculpture and $50,000.