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Jeff Moyer, pictured above at the left, is one of the many invaluable resources NewFarm.org will call on in building the web site. Jeff is the farm manager at the 333-acre Rodale Institute research farm, and has been here for over 26 years, refining the farm's cover cropping and crop rotation systems. Pictured with Jeff is Owen Maguire, who has been the field foreman at the farm for 19 years. The farm has over 1,000 organic apple trees, a 3-acre CSA, 270 acres in a rotation of corn, small grains, hay, and edible soy beans for a Japanese market, and 25 acres of experimental research plots that have been used to test and compare the yield, soil health and environmental impact of organic and conventional systems for the last 16 years.

"It's been extremely rewarding to work at The Rodale Institute," says Jeff. "Working on projects and with people who are having a positive impact on family farm practices, economics, and environmental stewardship is very fulfilling. The positive changes I've seen on our own farm over the years—and farms around the world—convinces me that we're on the right road. And the excitement I hear when farmers learn about The New Farm's return makes me absolutely certain that farmers need this web site … a platform from which we can take the next steps together."



Welcome to the new home of The New Farm. You may remember The New Farm as a one-of-a-kind magazine for farmers learning from other farmers. In January 2003, The Rodale Institute will officially re-launch it right here, in a dynamic new Web-based format! (Enjoy this preliminary site now, with the knowledge that there is much, much more to come.)

NewFarm.org will inspire and educate a whole new generation of farmers around the world. Featuring farmer-to-farmer know-how on the latest organic and regenerative practices, this information-packed online resource will give farmers a powerful new way to share knowledge with each other and influence decision makers.

If you want to enjoy a truly holistic approach to farming´one that considers not only your economic and production concerns, but also your values, your personal and family life, your health, and your relationship to the larger community´make a connection to the global farming community through The New Farm.

You'll find everything you need at NewFarm.Org

Who do you trust to give you advice and information? Other farmers? Books and magazines? At New Farm, you'll find all the inspiration, encouragement and practical answers you need to boost your personal success and profitability´with advice by and for farmers.

The New Farm® is brought to you by The Rodale Institute, whose regenerative farming expertise is internationally recognized.NewFarm.org will passionately and honestly tell the story of sustainable farming around the world through inspiring stories of challenge and triumph. And it will deliver the practical tools farmers need to shape their farms, their lives, their communities and their futures.

  • Read detailed, practical articles and provocative essays on every aspect of farming
  • Utilize cutting edge research results
  • Engage in lively discussion forums and share your challenges and successes with other farmers
  • Get the latest how-to information on production methods and techniques
  • Increase your farm's profitability with expert marketing advice.
  • Enjoy the wit and wisdom of the Tractor Seat Philosopher
  • Make your voice heard through daily polls and regular action alerts
  • Refer to weather reports and a weekly organic price index
  • Shop our online bookstore; browse product and book reviews from other New Farm® readers
  • Take advantage of free expert advice, assistance and farmer directories
  • Find answers fast from our Archives and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Get a monthly email newsletter with your free membership in our online farmers' network

That's not all! You'll find a growing range of online courses at NewFarm.org . Not sure how to make the transition to organic? Need detailed advice on organic weed management? Want a structured approach to learning about direct marketing, organic commodities production, or organic landscaping? New Farm's online courses will teach you all you need to know.

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The New Farm® web site will launch in January 2003, but in the meantime we'll continue to supply you regularly with more new information about the web site, sample articles and new interactive features as they're developed.

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