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Pennsylvania sustainable farmers featured in video, tell the real stories of drip tape, customers and long days.

PASA video provides excellent window into the lives of innovative, entrepreneurial farmers who connect to customers through direct marketing.

June 1, 2004: So you want to be a farmer, do you? It’s a good bet, then, that a look at the sobering and delightful video You want to do what? Farming! will motivate you to get moving on your dream, have you thinking twice, or perhaps a little bit of both.

Featuring writers and 20-year CSA veterans George and Melanie Devault, as well as four other farmers and farming couples around Pennsylvania, this 15-minute video offers real advice and shares some of the real rewards and challenges of running a small farm.

The film was the brainchild of videographer, farmer, and PASA board member Brian Moyer. It premiered at the 13th Annual PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) Conference last winter to laughter, some tears, and overall rave reviews.

Watch the Video
(15 minutes, 26 seconds)
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Featured Farmers

  • Michael Ahlert - Oley Valley Produce, Oley, PA, Berks County
  • Sam Cantrell - Maysie’s Farm, Glenmore, PA, Chester County
  • Melanie and George DeVault - Emmaus, PA, Lehigh County
  • Trent and Rachel Hendricks, Hendricks Farm, Telford, PA, Montgomery County
  • Darryl Rode (owner of Keystone Pictures), Meadowbrook Beef
  • David and Joyce Stutzman, Pasture’s Pride Natural Meats, Kutztown, PA, Berks County

Production costs for You want to do what? Farming! were donated by Keystone Pictures, Inc. ( (800) 659-5821). Publication rights are held by PASA, which gracious allowed posting here for a limited time.

If you like the streaming video version, you can buy the real thing to share with your friends and community groups. Check out these ordering details below.

The PASA video is available in VHS and DVD format for $19 ($15 with $4 shipping and handling). Send your address with check, money order, or MasterCard / Visa number and expiration date to PASA, 114 West Main Street, P.O. Box 419, Millheim, PA 16854. Questions: (814) 349-9856, or

Allow 3 weeks for delivery. Specify special shipping requirements if necessary; otherwise US mail service will be used. Contact PASA for volume discount information.



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