The “Grassroots OPX” needs you, brave local food supporter!
Wanted: Prices from local producer-only markets around the country.


We need more price reporters to launch our informal index from authentic farmers’ markets across the U.S. This network of volunteers will commit to reporting weekly from a producer-only farmers’ market on a set of common products, and three products of their choice.

Key needs are for a core of faithful reporters and an index editor to receive and tabulate the results from markets big and small, sophisticated and simple, urban and small-town. We’ll supply the checklists for each reporter and collating help for the editor, post the results and keep all of the indexes in our archives, filed by date.

Reporters can team up with others to keep the numbers coming on the weeks they are away for any reason. Market managers may know of loyal advocates to fill this role.

Ideally, we want to represent a wide range of markets to show the price variations that shoppers and farmers face as they try to decide, in their situation, each week: Just how much is nutritious, family-farm supporting, community-building, sustainably raised food worth?

Many market farmers say the wholesale organic prices in our well-received OPX™ don’t help them enough to set reasonable prices. You asked for local prices, so we’ll help willing volunteers to deliver market-specific snapshots of prices paid to real farmers by the people who eat their food.

These are willing buyers and willing sellers creating vibrant markets based on full information every week. And great taste, and good interaction, and some recipes thrown in to deepen the enjoyment.


To put your favorite market in the index as its price reporter,
contact online editor Greg Bowman.


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