Coming in April and May
CSA journals from the East and West coasts... organic poultry, New Zealand-style... New Farm® discussion forms... and much, much more.

Coming in Late April and May

  • Soil health: Walter Goldstein on building soils and maintaining fertility.
  • Organic Outback: Matthew Cawood will send us the first in a series of reports on organic farming in Australia.
  • Jason's organic odyssey: India, part 2 -- Meet a doctor with the organic medicine to keep his farm cool and irrigated even in the Indian desert.
  • Indigenous microorganisms: In the first of a series of articles, Gil Carandang, a leading organic and natural farming advocate from the Philippines, talks about the role of microorganisms in the health of your soil, and talks about how you can grow your own -- culturing, increasing and applying local or “indigenous” on-farm beneficial microorganisms to increase yields and combat pests. Dr. Carandang spoke to a standingroom only crowd at the Eco-Farm conference earlier this year.
  • Growing coffee sustainably, both economically and environmentally: Don Lotter visits coffee plantations and small scall growers in Quatemala to see how they're dealing with the recent crash in coffee prices.
  • Say cheese: Ken and Julie Bechtold have been operating a small, grass-based dairy and making colby and cheddar cheese on a farm near Lafayette, NJ, since 1986. They keep a closed herd of 15-18 Jerseys, turn all their milk into cheese, and sell to farmers markets and on-farm. We'll also feature a side piece on other small-scale cheesemakers in northern New Jersey.
  • Season extension, part 2: A number of you asked us for more details on the season extension practices of Paul and Sandy Arnold of Argyle, NY. Paul and Sandy have agreed to provide details, and photos, of their season extension houses.
  • Free classifieds: We're working on a free classifieds feature that will easily allow you to enter a classified using an online form. Stay tuned for more news on this.
  • Our online bookstore: We're still working on the technology that will allow us to post over 1000 ag books, and allow you to browse through them, review them and order them.
  • Online farm locator: We're working on an online entry form that will allow farmers to enter information about their farm and farm operation. Readers will be able to search by state, country, type of operation and what is grown or raised. A great, free, opportunity to promote your farm to consumers, restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and other buyers. Keep an eye out for it!