UPDATE: Sustainable Hog Farming Summit
Waterkeepers brings “hog summit” road trip to Pennsylvania June 6-7



For details about the Hog Summit and how to register, go to: www.waterkeeper.org, click on “events” or call (914) 674-0622, x204. (A downloadable registration form will soon be posted at the site.)

Registration is $35.

Lodging at the Eisenhower Inn is available at the discount rate of $94 per night per room. (To split the cost, share a room.) Call the Inn at (800) 776-8349 or 717.334-8121.

February 20, 2003
A state farming group joins five other local, state and national entities in co-sponsoring the Third Annual Sustainable Hog Farming Summit here June 6 and 7. Location will be at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center.

The event will include academic research, legal updates and grassroots group reports from around the country, with particular emphasis on Pennsylvania activity and issues. This year events will focus on the ways that sustainable hog farming offers successful and promising solutions to the social, environmental and moral concerns raised by industrial hog production.

Farm events and an evening barbecue are planned for June 6. A full-day symposium is set June 7 on sustainable hog systems, building profitable farms and markets, and technical and legal updates related to industrial livestock production.

Formats will include presentations, panel discussions, and reports on family farm-to-market initiatives. In the spotlight will be new reports on the impacts of large-scale confinement hog production on rural communities, human health and the environment, as well as consumer and citizens responses.

Co-sponsors include:
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), www.pasafarming.org

Delaware Riverkeeper Network, www.delawareriverkeeper.org

White Dog Café of Philadelphia, www.whitedog.com

PennFuture, www.pennfuture.org, click on events/campaigns

Animal Welfare Institute, www.awionline.org

GRACE, www.factoryfarm.org/hogs.html