Chucking the classroom for the carrot patch
Jannie M. Dresser
May 11, 2007: A CSA intern grows both
vegetables and herself

Farmers enter town’s economy through weekly market, cooperative venture and a supportive brewpub
Kyle Holzhueter
October 12, 2006: Sustainability center gives grad students experience in ag production, marketing and economic networking that drives local economy.

Toronto university begins dance with “local and sustainable” food
Wayne Roberts
October 12, 2006: Biggest school on the continent agrees to buy good food from the biggest protected chunk of farmland in North America, in a signal that universities everywhere may become movers and shakers for sustainability.

Finding a way to establish a market-driven school farm
Dayna Burtness
July 13, 2006: How an internship, a college and food service mavericks helped a kid from the ‘burbs get passionate about a farm of her own.

Organic U
Dan Sullivan
May 12, 2006: Washington State University introduces organic ag major, a sign that this school is leading the pack as land-grant universities begin “greening up.”

Canada marks an organic milestone
Paul Henderson
January 12, 2006: Guelph University’s new major builds on stalwart faculty, supportive farmers and a dean that said “Do it.”

WWOOFing and beyond
Laura Sayre
September 2, 2005.
From one-week volunteer farm stays to three-year diploma courses, the world of international organic ag training opportunities is growing fast. And for those who get the in-depth, practical training that now exists, farm manager jobs on organic farms are increasingly available.

Fertile minds
Dan Sullivan
August 2, 2004: Innovative MSU ag professor sows the seeds for a new generation of organic farmers.

Farming for credit
Laura Sayre
January 28, 2004: At colleges and universities across the country, students are finding--and founding--opportunities to make sustainable agriculture part of a well-rounded education. Many go on to farm organically in real life.


Announcing the new and improved Farming for Credit Directory!
The New Farm Student Farm Directory, originally posted in January 2004, kept growing and growing. Now we've expanded it to include information on certificates and degree programs in sustainable and organic ag as well as info on student farms.

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Sustainable you
"While doing a college search with my eldest child, I scoured the college guides and wondered if we were living on the same troubled planet!"

- Miriam Weinstein

Thus does Weinstein explain the genesis of her Making a Difference College & Graduate Guide. Anyone who has browsed through Barron's in search of information more profound than average SAT scores and "party-school" status can probably sympathize.


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