I would be interested in knowing how I can proceed with any online training. I’m also interested in knowing how I could facilitate you folks coming to this area (Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR) to conduct local training, conferences, etc.

Also, can you help me connect with the best website(s) for researching USDA and other grants available for organic farming and ag-related ventures.

Ariel Gail MacLean



Our first online course, geared for farmers transitioning to organic, will be officially launched any day now, but you can currently access a beta version of the course and the electronic Organic System Plan here: www.tritrainingcenter.org/course. Our website has lots of other great resources, too, including our New Farm Forums, where you can find all sorts of information. You may also want to sign up to receive our e-newsletter for monthly updates on the latest news and features in organic and sustainable agriculture.

We also attend organic and sustainable ag conferences around the country, and sometimes we’re asked to speak at them. This season, we’ll be participating and presenting at the MOSES (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service), Southern SAWG (Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) and Ecofarm conferences, to name a few. Ask your regional conference planners to invite us out next year!

As to your request about government and other grants available to producers, check out New Farm Senior Editor Dan Sullivan’s article Money for nothing? There's no such thing for the skinny on such opportunities and where to look for them.



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