I am in the process of preparing a web directory of farms that cater to Muslims for the festivals of Eid where Muslims can hand-slaughter the animals. Would you please provide a current source where I can get the information from? Your guidance is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Naeem M.



This reminds us of a reader mail from December 2006 which followed an article we published last fall on this very subject. The article was written by Sandra Miller, entitled, Keeping it close to home: Allowing on-farm slaughter for buyers. And please read the ensuing exchange here: On-farm slaughter regulations discriminatory?

Identifying organizations focused on meat goats will be a good way to find people who know about on-farm slaughter options. Check out our list at the Meat Goat Marketplace.

The bottom line is that the existence of such services depends a lot upon how state and federal regulations are interpreted and enforced in your particular area.

Best of luck with your venture, and thanks for reading New Farm.



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