August 9, 2007


Jennifer ASKS:
Where can I go to learn about organic farming?

Linda ASKS:
Can I sell my homegrown veggies on

Theresa ASKS:
How can I be listed in your Farm Directory?

Cindy ASKS:
May I print your articles and distribute them at my farmers' market stand?

Lisa ASKS:
How can I send you an important press release and calendar item?

R. Morris ASKS:
Where can I learn more about micro farming?

Travis ASKS:
Where can I get information on grants, loans and NOP guidelines?


All about roosters
In June, we had a reader write us with a question about buying different chicken breeds (see: The One That Started It All...), and the response sparked a flurry of commentary in our July Reader Mailbox. We’ve selected a few to pass on to you this month, from:

Cathy Steck

Pat Sands
North Carolina

Verne Williams
New York