I have a rooster which has had severe ear infections. We flushed the inner ear and put him on antibiotics, just to have it return in a month. He now has a fungal infection on top of everything else. I am looking for a product to support and enhance his immune system. Do you have any advice for my problem? Thank you for your website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Vicki Hunter



We asked our friend Jeff Mattocks of the Fertrell Company (www.fertrell.com) for his help with this one. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

The rooster actually has what is known as coryza, the equivalent of our common cold, which is affecting his sinus cavity and appearing to be an ear infection. Coryza is spread by wild birds and rodents, and is generally prevalent only when air quality is poor or there is not enough air circulation.

I have successfully treated this by feeding or squeezing the contents of a Vitamin E gel cap down the throat. I use the liquid-filled ones at 200 mg, one gel cap per day for 10 to14 days for severe infections. The secret to natural treatments (that rarely gets followed) is this: “Give seven days of treatment beyond the visible appearance of the last symptoms.”

The fungal infection is more than likely related to parasites or is a side effect of a weakened immune system. The vitamin E will support the immune system, but if the E doesn’t cure the fungal infection, then parasites are a reality and should be addressed.

Jeff Mattocks
Vice President
The Fertrell Company


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