Recently my husband and I came across a small 21-acre organic land parcel that we would love to buy and farm. However, we are worried if this is something practical for us to feed our family of 5. I need to know what it takes to be an organic farmer, how much it would cost to run the place and how long it takes to generate enough income to live by.

Thank you,
Sohaila Murtaza



Boy, those are really broad questions. It all depends on your markets, your crops, your abilities and a little bit of luck. Certainly farming families today running diversified operations have made it with a good bit of ingenuity and a whole lot less land. (New Farm has the stories to prove it, just look through our archives.) Get yourself plugged in with the Ecofarm www.eco-farm.org folks and try participating in our online discussion forums. And remember, other farmers—whether you meet them online here at New Farm, across the fence, or at an annual meeting—are always your best resource for the questions you are asking.

Best of luck,



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