Glad to have stumbled onto this awesome site! Thanks for being willing to answer some questions for us. We purchased 10 acres and built a new home recently. Now what to do with it? I want to raise some worms to help with vast landscaping opportunities here. We have a wonderful swale area with lots of potential. My husband dreams of a pond area there. He has had two heart attacks and bypass surgery, so keeping him busy but healthy is my goal. We really could use some ideas for making some income without going broke doing it. We are trying to avoid those scams that seem to abound. Would worm farming be too stressful for us, do you think?

Louise Bigcraft



Having only done "worm farming" on a small scale, I can't really say how physically demanding it is on a commercial scale. Please use the dedicated Google search on our homepage to search our website for topics such as worm farming and anything else you'd like to know about. And don't forget to visit our forums. There's a lot of good information being exchanged between experienced and beginning farmers. I’ll bet you can find a worm farmer or two to answer your specific questions. And there’s no substitute for the wisdom of your sustainable farming neighbors. In your area, you’ll meet them through the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (www.moffa.org) and the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (www.mosesorganic.org).

Good luck,
Dan Sullivan


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