February 16 , 2007


Rev. Renis ASKS:
How can we get your support for an agricultural project in South America?

Kofi ASKS:
Do you have an organic program for African farmers?

Cerecka ASKS:
Can you help me with these questions for my school project?

Attina ASKS:
How can carbon and nitrogen be sequestered and still be "available"?

What's your latest research on carbon sequestration and mycorrhizal fungi?

Becky ASKS:
How can we as community tackle land access for farmers?

Is it better to feed chickens organic grains or have them out on pasture?

Jennifer ASKS:
What's best to plant between vegetable rows that won't compete for nutrients?


Organic farmers left holding the bag for substandard seed
Rules that require the purchase of organic seed—but don’t guarantee that organic seed is as presented—create inequities in building the new organic infrastructure.

Thanks for the inspiration
Aspiring Kenyan farmer gives a nod to New Farm for his burgeoning truck patch.

2007 Farm Bill
Just what is the Conservation Reserve Program protecting, anyway?

Get ready for global warming
Recommended resources from a New Farm reader.

Which came first, the chicken or the house?
For this New Farm reader, the answer was obvious.


Nancy W. ASKS:
Where can I find hull-less barley seed?

Do you have measurement details for the roller?

Can I plant soybeans witha 7-inch no-till grain drill?

Nancy L. ASKS:
Can I feed soy hay to my horses?