Researcher Matt Ryan’s advice has worked as planned! I have a winter field full of hairy vetch and am planning on tilling it in June. My next question is: What crop do you recommend for in-between vegetable rows? I don't want to plant something that will compete with my produce for nutrients. And how much space is ideal between rows; just enough to fit the mower? I'm planning on planting tomatoes, potatoes and some beans.

Thanks for all your help.
Jennifer Matthews
Cedar Grove Farm


Matt Ryan responds:


Glad to hear that your hairy vetch is looking good. As far as the space between rows, some people have had success with planting a grass mixture (perennial ryegrass and red fescue). Unless there is a severe drought, I don’t think the grass will give you any problems. If you do plant grass, then the row spacing should be wide enough so that you can get a mower through.

Good luck with those veggies.
Matt Ryan


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