Which came first, the chicken or the house?
For this New Farm reader, the answer was obvious.

Posted February 16, 2007

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We bought our land one year ago and my chicken coop and raised beds were the first things I worked on before getting my new house in order! We started with a few chickens and 12 raised beds to help feed our family and now are up to over 30-plus birds and all kinds of vegetables and are able to sell our eggs and other goodies right off our farm. We're now selling more eggs than the chickens lay! We don't use any commercial fertilizers or pesticides on our vegetables, and we don't use any medicated feeds or antibiotics on our chickens.

It's worked great! We have more than we can possibly use, even with all of our family and neighbors enjoying our bounty, and still have enough left to sell. We're thinking of adding meat birds this year and also offering that to our customers. Our kids think it's really cool going out to collect the eggs, especially the green ones from our "Easter egg" chickens!

Katharine Lune