Get ready for global warming
Recommended resources from a New Farm reader.

Posted February 16, 2007

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Peak oil, climate change and imminent economic collapse (see Korten's "The Great Turning,", call for massive changeover to organic farming and also minimally fossil-fueled tillage techniques. I am a especially attracted to Ron Morse's no-till, raised bed, flail-killed mulch methods. My recommendation is that New Farm put together a package of agricultural recommendations addressing the above emerging catastrophes.

For instance, farmer-inventor John Howe up in Maine has put together a SPUV (solar-powered utility vehicle) based on a Farmall Cub. (See "The End of the Fossil Fuel Era, and a Plan for Sustainability.") I also recommend a close look at the heating and "coolth" technologies, including Russell Finch's ground-source heat pump heated greenhouse in Nebraska (, Aug 2003); John Hait's "Passive Annual Heat Storage" developed in Montana; and Bob English's "passive solar ice box'" (

Mike Murphy