January 12, 2007


Wendell ASKS:
Why are bats dying around wind farms?

Mary ASKS:
Do the solutions you propose for Senegal hold true for the rest of Africa?

Michelle ASKS
Is there an East Coast university offering a degree in organic agriculture?


More than one way to determine healthy soil…
…but the common denominator is healthy, disease-free crops and a cleaner environment.

In Pohnpei, native fruit bolsters immune systems in wild birds and is used by locals to treat Avian Flu-like disease.
Could noni fruit allow US free-range poultry producers to prevent Avian Flu in their flocks--and treat it if it occurs?


Carols ASKS:
How can I manage weeds in a no-till system without herbicides?

Dean ASKS:
What do I need to do to start alfalfa on pasture land?


Ricardo ASKS:
What can we grow between hardwood trees in Guatemala?