I believe a major part of the solution to famine in Africa lies in better and lots more farming activity. The “Hey Bill…” article obviously makes sense for Senegal, but does it still hold true if we're talking about, say, Lesotho?

Mary Madison



Happy New Year, and thank you for your feedback. Farmers in Africa and in many developing countries have in the past integrated small ruminants with their farming activities. This has been a common practice to maintain soil health and improve food production. I believe that the concept and principles of regenerative agriculture can be applied in many conditions. I personally don't believe in “technology transfer.” I have used successfully these principles in Senegal, Muritania, Guinea Conakry, The Gambia, and Burkina Faso in Africa, and in Guatemala. My experience in the Philippines, Vietnam, Jamaica and Dominica also tells me that these principles can be applied in Asia and the Caribbean, based on the available natural resources.

Even within Senegal, we had to make some adjustments depending on the rainfall, soil type, vegetation and crops.

Thank you again for your feedback and your question, which is extremely relevant.

Amadou Makhtar Diop
Director of International Programs
The Rodale Institute


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