December 14, 2006


George ASKS:
Can honey be certified organic?

Lloyd ASKS
Would a lawn roller work for market-sized no-till?

Leecy ASKS
Where can I get more information about your online courses?

Robert ASKS
Can you answer my questions regarding wind power?


For the sake of the organic community
Readers respond to Rodale Institute farm manager Jeff Moyer’s column about how certified organic farmers should do their best to source organic seed, because it’s the law and because it makes sense for the organic community.

On-farm slaughter regulations discriminatory?
Heifer International regional program manager’s response to on-farm slaughter story really gets writer/farmer’s goat.

Not a farmer, but doing my part
New Farm reader helps her community keep it local.


Daniel ASKS:
Could African farmers use trenches to retain water?

Buck ASKS:
What can I do about dusty hay?

Mark ASKS:
Is there a minimum weight for your roller/crimper to work?

Trent ASKS:
Can I mount a no-till roller where my fertilizer equipment used to be?