I enjoy your site; the information on no-till and the roller/crimper is great. It helps me to keep up with the latest improvements in no-till that I can pass along to farmers I work with.

In regards to the question asked about using rollers at home on market-size gardens, lawn rollers with a metal drum with angle iron welded to the drum work well. You can add water to the drum for weight if your lawn tractor can pull it. These types of lawn rollers are getting harder to find new since newer ones are made with plastic drums.

Lloyd Phillips
North Carolina



Thanks for the kind words and for your interest in New Farm. Feedback from readers like you is very helpful in directing our efforts. The no-till roller technology has generated a lot of interest in the farm community, both for organic and conventional farmers. We had a very successful 2006 cropping season using the roller and will be posting our results from this year's work on New Farm over the next few months.

As for the lawn roller, one of our staffers just picked one up at a garage sale and we’re anxious to test it out on a garden scale. We’ll let you know how it goes.



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