September 14, 2006


Paul ASKS:
How can I control cucumber and squash beetles naturally?

Roger ASKS:
How does one start a CSA?

William ASKS:
How do I get started farming organically?

Sven ASKS:
How do I control powdery mildew on tomatoes and green beans?


Can't get no respect? Patience and perseverance are key.
Two readers relate their experiences with friends and family critical of their farming methods and choice to stick to what they believe in.

Carolina on my mind
One farmer’s experience proves that bigger isn’t necessarily better.


Loren ASKS:
Any advice for a long-time dairy farmer transitioning to organic?

Larry ASKS:
Can you recommend the Howard PTO tiller?

Eugene ASKS:
When is the best time to roll rye for a good kill?

Do you know how to control giant ragweed?

Franklin ASKS:
How long do I have to wait for certification?

Ellen ASKS:
What's the best way to overseed forage radish into soybeans?