How do I determine the crops/fruits/nuts, etc., to start into organic farming on my 34 arces in northeast Texas? Should I lease or buy more land? What about profitability? Equipment needs? Where do I start? And how would I market the product effectively?

Our family just opened (last week) a health and organic food store in our small town. So far it has been well received, which is exciting. This would also be a market for our product.

William Page



You certainly don't need more land to be profitable. The outlet of your health-food store offers a nice market for intensively farmed mixed veggies and value-added products. Here's a story we recently wrote about a couple who pulled $52,000 off their half-acre of urban farm: Small is beautiful…and profitable.

Like any market, it all depends on matching the product to the customer. You have to figure out who your customers are and what products your climate and farm will support. You can also diversify that customer base—farm stand, CSA, marketing to restaurants in your area, etc.

Other organic farmers are your absolute best resource. Join TOFGA (www.tofga.org) now!

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