I am learning about goat meat. I have read info on different kinds of goats and how society depends upon goat for various needs. However, I came across a word and it is somewhat confusing. The word is "Chevon" or "cabrito". Is this the name of a certain goat or is it just another name for goat meat not linking to any specific goat?

Ronald Priden



We received your question regarding the words "chevon" and "cabrito" used in the goat market and asked Sandra Kay Miller, goat farmer and writer, to provide some insight. Here's what she had to say:

"'Chevon' is another name commonly used for goat meat—think of veal versus calf, pork versus pig, etc. 'Cabrito' is the Texas/Mexican term for goat meat. Another term not seen as often is the Italian moniker, capretto.

"'Cabrito' can be used to specifically mean kid-goat meat or the final cooked dish of roasted kid-goat meat. If you're dealing with a cabrito aficionado, chances are they are refering specifically to kid-goat meat either fresh or roasted."


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