June 8, 2006


Jennifer ASKS:
How can I get more involved in organic agriculture?

Rachel ASKS:
Can I use the term organic in my farm name even though I'm not certified yet?

Jeryl ASKS:
What should I do about aphids in the greenhouse?


Can “Big Organic” maintain integrity?
This reader has his doubts.

¡Viva la agricultura organica!
Organic agriculture alive and well in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Raw milk a complex issue
A former dairyman prefers it, but says “buyer beware.”


Ron Rosmann ASKS:
No-till roller questions from project collaborator

Alec ASKS:
Can I roll down a cover on land that has had chemical burn-downs in the past?

David ASKS:
Anything I can do about pasture grass in my rye?

Meghan ASKS:
Is no-till vegetable production possible?