¡Viva la agricultura organica!
Organic agriculture alive and well in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Posted June 8, 2006


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I live in Las Cruces where New Mexico State University (a land-grant college) is located. The ag department, in cooperation with the Extension Service, is doing good work in trying to educate students about the advantages of organic and cooperative farming. Each year the students create a garden by which they are taught techniques for raising crops in a responsible way. The fruit of their labor is then donated to local agencies to provide to those in need of the food. For many of these people, it is the only fresh food they really ever eat—food that is raised right and is full of nutrition because it is fresh from the field.

Also, we have a wonderful farmer's market here where a lot of local food is sold. Much of the veggies and fruit come from local farmers who practice organic farming. There is also a baker who sells fresh-baked bread with whole grains. The bread and rolls sell out very quickly! I just thought I'd share with you what is happening here. I imagine there is even more that I don't know about, but I wanted to give you the information I am aware of.

Joanna Harmon
Las Cruces, New Mexico