March 9 , 2006


Scott ASKS:
I want to start an organic farm in the southeast. Got any resources?

Alison Robostello ASKS:
What color were carrots originally?

James Urban ASKS:
How much charcoal should be added to soil as an amendment?

Marvin Bushman ASKS:
Where can small farmers find more help transitioning from tobacco?

Steve Smelter SAYS:
Pigs can contract avian TB which could condemn your carcass.

Jeryl McComas ASKS:
Why are my seedlings falling over?

John Gelwicks ASKS:
Where can I find more information about sustainable agave production?

Amy Strange ASKS:
How is depleted soil affecting food nutrition?

Thomas J. Post ASKS:
What kind of disease problems can we expect with grain amaranth?


Bill Konkoly ASKS:
Can I no-till into 12-year-old CRP weed infested fields?

Mark ASKS:
What kind of ground covers are best for goats?