Concerning your recent question about raising chickens around pigs, even raising them in close proximity can be bad. If the pigs are inspected by a federal inspector at slaughter you can get whole carcass condemnation because of swollen glands caused by the pig contracting avian TB, which is not harmful but at inspection it looks like regular TB and is cause for condemning the whole pig. This visual is the final word on this, because the real TB test takes about six months to complete. So be careful about close housing or following chickens on pasture with pigs.

Steve Smelter



Thanks for your letter. Here's another follow-up responses we received to the question and answer we posted last month about co-housing pasturing chickens with pigs and cattle:

“The problem with chickens in the barn is the mess they make. They will scratch and mess in the feeders and roost in hay feeders, which can get dirty with chicken manure. I would suggest a separate house for them or a least a separate place in the barn.

Brian Moyer
Green Haven Farm


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