I really enjoy the New Farmer Forums but I noticed that you recently changed the format. You now have the most recent posts at the top of the first page, with the older posts on the back pages. For what it is worth, I really liked it when Page 1 started out with the very first post and then read the forum in order. This way, I have to jog down the page to find where I left off reading from so I can pick up where I left off. It was so much easier to got into a forum, pick the last page I was on last time and read all the new posts, especially since everyone is busy and does not post every day. I hope you will consider changing the format back to the way it was.

Marlene Lenker
North Carolina



Yes, we did recently switch the format of the New Farm Forums so that each string of conversation begins with the most recent posting instead of the oldest with the idea that readers would not have to flip through multiple pages to get to the current conversation. But since Marlene has commented she likes it better the old way, we want to know if more of you feel the same. What do you think? Please send your preference—“oldest to newest” or “newest to oldest”—to daniel.sullivan@rodaleinst.org.

Speaking of the forums, stop by and say “hi” to Cody Guhl, a high school student who’s started his own chicken business, listen in as an experienced cattle rancher gives sound advice to a younger one about buying and raising feeder cattle, or help Harry figure how he can perform a pre-seed tillage in early spring with minimal impact to the earthworm population.

Enjoy (each other),



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