Come join WWOOF Nepal
A coordinator shares dreams for fledgling organization and seeks participation and support.

Posted October 13, 2005

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Greeting from WWOOF Nepal. I read with interest the WWOOFing and Beyond story in the recent New Farm and thought your readers might find interest in our organization, WWOOF Nepal. We have been in existence since 2003 and are working to establish an intercultural dialogue on organic and sustainable agriculture for Nepalese farmer and volunteers from all over the world to share experiences and techniques concerning agriculture, to experience Nepalese Culture in a indigenous way and to improve communication within the organic movement. Our research center is 150 kilometers from Katmandu, and we are working to expand our programs.

WWOOF Nepal offer Western travelers opportunities to work in Nepal and helps place Nepalese students in farms abroad in long-term cycles.

We wish to establish a demonstration role-model farm project that will work on an international level on interdisciplinary and intercultural research programs concerning organic and sustainable agriculture in Nepal. The model farm will be a practical and demonstrative place to try out new methods of cultivating and herding. It will offer a good location for trainings or meetings of WWOOF participants. WWOOF Nepal’s roll-model farm can serve as the center of our national network, and a center for intercultural
knowledge exchange.

In order to move Nepal in an organic way with our own action and effort with the participation of local farmers, students, volunteers and active NGOS, WWOOF Nepal wishes to invite national and international agricultural field specialists who can provide training toWWOOF host members. We are making an international research office in the Chitwan area and searching donor agency from all around the world to help with financial contribution. Should you have interest in help us please feel free to contact us. We will let you know the procedure and will publicly recognize all who are able to help this project, which will ultimately be of great benefit to the Nepalese people.

For the care of the Earth,
F.D. Regmi