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Central Carolina Community College sees New Farm as an invaluable resource for students of sustainable agriculture. 

Posted September 16, 2005

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Thanks for the opportunity to share what we are doing at Central Carolina Community College with New Farm readers (Back to school, back to the land). Reading New Farm is part of our weekly assignment in our Intro to Sustainable Agriculture class. I send students to the website to glean current event information from the sustainable organic world of agriculture and also for specific assignments, such as details for cut flower marketing or life as an intern. What I like about the New Farm format is the first-person aspect to many of the articles. Our students can relate to others who are newly starting out, or trying new crops, and the first-person format really provides good insight as well as useful technical information.

Thanks to all of New Farm—keep up the good work!

Robin Kohanowich
Coordinator, The Sustainable Farming Program
Central Carolina Community College
Pittsboro, North Carolina