Weeds for beginners
A new farmer finds the Martens expert advice invaluable. 

Posted September 1, 2005

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I just wanted to offer some feedback on your three-part series Look, Ma! No Weeds. We have just purchased an old farm and are working on bringing it back into shape, as it was neglected for what appears to be 10 years (or more).

Being a brand-new farmer, I have little idea as to not only organic weed control, but also the equipment used in this process. These articles were outstanding. The Martens do an excellent job of describing not only weed control, but also equipment types, usage and descriptions (the photos were a real help).

Starting out without this knowledge is difficult; these articles really help in defining implements, their good and bad points, and their proper usage.

Kudos for an excellent series and a great website! (How about something along these lines in hay production?)

James Weiss
Wolf Hill Farm
New York